PETA Vegan Lip Balm
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PETA Vegan Lip Balm

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Gone are the days when all lip balms were full of beeswax. PETA's lip balms are sure to remind everyone that animal abuse is nothing to smile about. They come in 4 lip-smacking flavors:  "'Go Faux'-Fabulous" Fruit Smoothie, "Animals Out of the Act" Tangerine, and "Viva Las Vegans" Vanilla Bean.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Candelilla Wax, Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Essential and/or Flavor Oil. 

"very cute, kinda expensive for chapstick"
"i love this chapstick :D"
-Love it
"YUCK!!!! I got all of the flavors and they taste nasty!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT RECOMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Very cute and cheap compare to the regular ones I buy here in Japan. Only problem is that summer is very hot here and since it's vegan, it melts very easily. But it's not so bad, it looks like a gloss. I got the vanilla (piggy) but it doesn't taste very good."
"I love these lip balms... there a lip blam... but also kind of glossy, which i love... the scents smell naturaul, so far I have only order the vanilla but plan on ordering alot more! i love how by ordering through PETA you can be sure your getting vegetarian ingredients and cruelty free products!! i definetly recomend!"
"Best vegan lip balm I've tried!!!! They smell and taste great!!!! "
-5 stars
"This lip balm is amazing! I got mine today, and it tastes GREAT! I recommend very much. "
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lion lion!"
"these r great :) but they do melt easily... @yvette your not supposed to eat them... lol"
"I got these free from the peta2 Street Team Goods, but I will be buying more. I love their scents and they really do help keep my lips from drying out. To those who complain they don't taste good: You're not supposed to eat chapstick... I just took points off the rating because of how expensive these are. A lot of people complain how expensive it is to be vegan..."
"maravilloso!! yo quiero todo lo que hay en esta tienda!!"
"dese are cute... and taste n smeel great.. thumbs up!"
""PETA Compassion" Fruit: Lovely taste but a bit too soft (melting a bit on the lips)"
"THIS IS AWESOME! I wish I could have them all. But I think it's a tad expensive..."
"yayy! :) i ordered mine and i cant waaair"
"I bough two S'more flavors. They smell great and they really work well! My lips are usually so dry (even with applying lip balm every hour), but the PETA kind have actually left my lips in decent shape. I was surprised. Definitely recommend it."
"These adorably packaged Vegan Lip Balms are perfect for my everyday need! I love the scents and they are so smooth! Absolutely perfect! Thanks PETA."
"well, it is expensive, but cruelty free lip balm is expensive, like burts bees, its like 14$ for 4. and thats the value pack. if you buy bbs 1 lip balm, its 5-6$ expensive stuff"
"They are great and smell amazing, I recommend them. "
"I love these lipbalms! Sure, they're quite soft, but thanks to the texture, a little goes a long way. The price is reasonable too, considering that they're made of quality vegan products. Plus the effect they have on my lips is amazing. Thanks PETA!"
"OMG these are SO awesome! ( PS you're not supposed to eat lip balm.) "
"WoW! Absoultly Great!! <3"
"This lip balm is absolutely fantastic! The consistency is super-smooth and you require much less than you would with others. I bought the "Fruit Smoothie" and "Tangerine" flavors which smell and taste delicious. Though there have been comments on the price, in my opinion they're definitely worth it!"
"Just ordered the mint flavor! Can't wait until it arrives!!!"
"I saw them and was like \(^-^)/ I saw that there were different flavors and i was like \(*o*)/"
"should i get one, and if so what flavour should i get. i dont mind if its expensive, because these days its hard to find lip chap that is vegan and has no GMOs."
"Excellent. I love the smells, flavors, and cute designs. The only issue is getting used to not pushing too hard when putting it on since it is so SOFT. lol. I will definitely keep buying these. <3"
"These have great scent and are smooth- YOU DONT EAT CHAP STICK PEOPLE! STOP SAYING IT TASTES BAD."

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