PETA Bunny Recycled Aluminum Necklace
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PETA Bunny Recycled Aluminum Necklace

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This PETA bunny necklace by Christy Robinson is elegant, stylish and is hand sawn out of recycled aluminum. 

Care for recycled aluminum:  The safest way to clean is with a jewelry polishing cloth.  When not wearing, store in reusable baggie that the necklace comes with to avoid tangles of chain.

Avoid harsh chemicals, cleaners, and do not swim or wear in hot tub as chlorine can cause damage. 

"Sooooo cute I want one"
-Hannah :)
"This is quite adorable. I think I actually like it better than the old rabbit necklace. I may just have to buy it. "
"Recycled and cute! Can't get any better :) I WANT IT!!!"
-Ekira :) !
"Everyone asks about my bunny necklace! It's adorable, and a great way to start conversations about protecting animals!"
"I Want One But Wayy Expensive For a Necklace. I Wear Necklaces Constantly. Seems Like It Would Get Ruined Fast. "
"its so lovely, :) precious"
-marinda stretavsky
"I saw this in O magazine had to have it!! This bunny is soooooooooooooo cute, LOVE LOVE LOVE it."
"So adorable....gotta get me one of these!"
-Suzanne B.
"Precious, adorable, 5 bunnies for this cute necklace :D"
"I love this necklace! Everytime I put it on it reminds me to continue to be compassionate towards animals and its also a great conversation starter. "
-Kinga W.
"I love this! Can't wait to get one :)!"
"Beautiful necklace ! Very lightweight, but a very durable bunny. It can be removed to go on any chain you have if you want. Not expensive : receive a necklace while helping animals."
"Lets all get one!!!! Great design ingrid!"
"even if it doesget ruined first of all your supporting an organization that helps animals and the money will go to a good place. plus its adorable"
"What better way to advertise my love for animals and all the awesome work PETA does to save them! I am definitely buying one!"
"I love peta and I just got this today kind of expensive.:/"
"Such a cute necklace, I wish Peta UK sold it!"
"This necklace is beautiful. Very good value. It's difficult to see in the photo but the bunny has a blue eye. Also the flip side is hand stamped "" . I love it. "
-Lisa Barrett
"Hello, It is a great necklace.I am ordering mine. I am so proud of PETA and all everyone is doing. It makes me feel the world is a caring place and good will trump.Blessings to all and all the animals man abuses. Keep the fight to stop evil.. and free our friends and fellow travelers on earth, Ileane"
"How long is the chain? The necklace is very cute."
"This is a beautiful necklace. Worth every penny and more for its simple elegance, but the message and significance are even more important. I wear it a lot and get endless comments on it. "
-Ilil Arbel
"I just ordered one! I'm so excited for it to come, but it will be a while as I live in the UK. :) "
"I'm use this necklace every day, your significat is important to me."
"I wear this beautiful neckless with pride. Worth every penny and I wear it every day. Thank you to everyone at PETA, your all that love is, you have given my life true meaning."
"5 bunnies for this cute necklace! Received mine a few weeks ago and I'm in love! The bunny is quite larger than I expected but still adorable. Wear it daily to show my peta pride! :)"
"OMG! I want it!!! So proud of PETA <3"

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