Humane Smart Mousetrap
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Humane Smart Mousetrap

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When tiny guests stop by, turn compassion into action. This plastic trap catches mice alive and unharmed. Be sure to check it hourly so that they don't suffer needlessly or die from stress and/or dehydration. Don't set traps if they can't be checked frequently. Each trap is reusable, so you can catch each mouse and release the animal outside. We'll include our Humane Control of Mice and Rats tip sheet with every order.

Look here for more tips for living in harmony with house mice and rats.

"I have used these before, not purchased from this site but they do well, but they don't totally eliminate the rodent problem. I live in an old field that was plowed down and mice and ants are a huge problem. Is there anything I can do differently with the humane traps to keep the mice out? PETA: For tips on how to solve conflicts with rodents compassionately, please visit"
"I've gotten humane mouse traps before, although not this particular one. But they worked really well until they got smart enough to avoid them! LOL A bit of crackers and such is a good lure to get them in most of the time. Then we would just take them for a little car ride and drop them off in another field. When our mice stopped falling for these, my mom took a huge garbage bucket and put some dog bones in the bottom (the mice LOVE them!) and in the morning, she'd see several of them in there. The walls were high enough that the mice couldn't jump out, and then we'd take these little guys to a new home as well!"
"I recommend this to everyone who mentions they have a small mouse problem. I've even passed it along to my place of work, caught the mouse and re released. Everyone was happy, including the little mouse. :)"
"This is a really great idea but when you let your mouse/rat go make sure you drive it a few miles down the road in a good habitat for it. If you put it in your backyard etc, it will just find another way into your house again."
"When we had mice in our house, I used one of these humane traps, and my roommate used four or five snap traps. I caught more mice than she did, and there was no suffering or carcasses to clean up. You need to make sure you set the trap so that it triggers easily. This can be difficult to do, but if you don't adjust it properly, mice go in and come out without tripping the door."
"I love mine. It has already saved a lot of mice. This humane trap makes it so easy to just bring them outside, away from the house of course. "
"I purchased one of these online and bought a metal havahart one in a store while I waited for this to arrive and although I caught what has turned out to be shrews (!) in both traps, the Humane Smart Mousetrap is much easier to set up and clean. The shrews bred before I caught them so I bought 2 more today & will be very thankful to be shrewless."
"These traps are the best. I have a metal one as well, but because it is not clear, I don't know if I've caught a mouse. I have used them for years because I live near a farm."
"It's easy to use and really works. I think most people who use inhumane traps would stop if they could see how cute these little critters are. Make sure to drop them off in a proper area with access to food and away from other homes."
"Ok, I just received two of these so I can't review them yet. Just a question. I have been using a different type of live trap and have currently caught 22 mice (things got out of hand when I was out of town for about 7 months). I live in Calgary and it's very cold right now -20C. I have the 22 mice in 8, 10 gallon aquariums. I can't just go and dump them outside in such weather but I find the smell very disturbing. To make matters worse, I have pet rabbits who are free run. I worry about them catching something from the mice. Does anyone have any better ideas? Does anyone know what kind of survivablity that mice have in such cold? I'm not sure what to do anymore. (All of the aquariums have a hamster wheel and the youngest mice love it). PETA: Thank you for your post about humane trapping during cold weather! Rodents do not hibernate during the winter, so ideally all holes/cracks in buildings and foundations should be sealed and rodents should be live-trapped and released before cold weather arrives. The animals in your aquariums can be "soft released" during mild weather. To do this, make a temporary home out of a sealed plastic or wood container that has a tiny doorway and an adequate air supply (add air holes, if necessary). Thoroughly insulate the container with straw, newspaper shreds, cotton, or fleece. Place the container 100 to 200 yards from where the animals were trapped, preferably in a wooded area, and conceal it with branches, leaves, and other organic matter to provide additional protection from poor weather and predators. Provide the mice with at least a week's worth of high calorie foods such as peanut butter, dry cat food, and/or wild bird suet. Release the mice inside this temporary home. If the weather is very cold, live traps should be disabled. We hope this information is useful. Please contact us at 757-622-7382 or at [email protected] if we can be of any further assistance."
"These traps work good if you make sure a push the trapdoor down LIGHTLY so the smaller mice can trip it. One unusual tip I've discovered is once you catch a mouse (assuming it's not a really large mouse) put the mouse in a 5-gallon with a spoon full of peanut butter. Assuming you have other mice, the next morning you may have another one IN THE BUCKET! I'm not sure how the get in but this has happened twice for me! I save them up (feeding them of course) before release. I guess the other mice want to be with them so they get in the bucket then can't get out."
-[email protected]
"These traps work great! Have caught many mice with them and was able to set them free with no harm done. Thank you from me and all the mice I've "relocated"."
"I have a question. I have been using other plastic humane mouse traps. They have been pretty good except that fairly often the mice have figure out how to shew their way out before I can get to them. For instance in the morning when I check the traps I will discover that someone was in but had been able to get out. How are these traps for that problem? Have your found that the mice can chew their way out? Thank you."
"I had a mouse problem. I bought one of these traps on and received it today. Within two hours, I caught three mice, including a big grey one, and I'm happy to say all got a little snack and were relocated to a field. I can't say I am in agreement with most of PETA's methods of activism, but I will give credit where it's due. These traps work and every one of the mice is alive and healthy."
-Denny Black
"I've just received my traps but have one question. In our home we seem to get rats more often than mice, and I'm wondering if this trap is big enough for them. I'd hate for them to get injured in the springing of the trap or to get a tail stuck or something. Have many of you had any luck with catching rats with these? Our humane traps are not designed for rats. For larger humane traps, we recommend visiting "
"I just want to warn people not to use peppermint oil or most of the other natural repellents for mice if you have cats. Their livers cannot process it and they will die or become severely sick. "
"My wife and I have used the humane mouse trap with great success for us and for the mice which we rehomed to a nearby park."
-Fred Ammerman
"This is amazing and I love that it saved little mice. They don't deserve to be killed in such a horrible way is what I tell my bf all the time! This is awesome totally worth it :)"
"I set my traps up as soon as the postal carrier delivered them to my door. I put the traps where I'd noticed they'd been the most. (most droppings in area) In less than 5 minutes, I caught a mouse,& this was in the daytime! I just went to a wooded area a about 5 miles away. I never expected the trap to work so quickly! I feel better about getting rid of the little rascals without cruel glue traps or poison! I do recomend putting a dab of peanut butter on the cracker as well as a bit on the inside of trap.(on wall) May good karma come to the person who invented this trap & God bless them!"
"My Grandma always buys sticky traps so after weeks of telling her I wanted to get her this, she caved and within 10 minutes I caught the cutest little mouse!!! Then we took a quick car ride and he's free! I'm so excited about this product! "
"I never expected the glue traps placed by the super to be effective. But within hours one of my poor little housemates had his tail and two feet attached beyond his strength to sever. With what weeping he plead for another chance to live! I freed him and destroyed the traps and immediately acquired several smart traps. These also worked quickly. I brought the mousies into a neighboring field and haven't heard from them again. Perhaps they got picked off by a hawk, but at least their deaths were instantaneous and served to feed another beautiful beastie!"
"This is GREAT!-I have used a similar trap like this & caught 4 mice in it & released them in a park-Just make sure 2 check it every day & put it away on vacations so they don't get trapped & die-put it upside down so they can't get in if you go on vacation & again,THIS ROCKS!!!"
-billy williams
"The traps work. I am able to catch these cuties and release them in a field. Wish there was a rat equivalent. All of the humane traps I get for rats do not work. Help me here, PETA."
-Jill Hinckley
"I think the traps are great.Though people think I'm crazy!Theres only one problem Ihave found with it.I have given the trap to my elderly mom &she some how doesnot put the feed door on right (where you put the cracker or whatever you use in.)the door will prevent the trap from closing and also cracks & breaks off.This has happened with other people I've spoken to also.I appreciate the person who spoke about winter & releases. That's a hard one. I try releasing by unused building or barns or I release them unfortunately underneath my own barn so they have shelter & food if it's too cold or snows. "
"I have used these traps for years with great success. If the mice are going in without triggering the door, it's beacause they are too small and light to make it close. Just place a few coins on the pad when you set it. The extra weight of the coins will be enough to trigger the mechanism when the little mouse steps on it. I've caught some very small mice this way! "
"Amazingly effective trap. We just released an unharmed nocturnal guest in a nice dry twig pile in the woods. Thanks again to the inventor!"
"I was a bit jaded with the humane mousetraps i had bought at the local hardware store. I was seeing a lot of mice in my home and becoming desperate for a humane trap that works. I called PETA for advice and was recommended to buy this trap and i am so glad i did. This trap works. We have caught at least 10 mice of different sizes, and along with the tips on mice proofing a home, are on our way to a mouse free home( except for our 2 companion rats who have their own huge cage). I also learned my attempt at bird feeding last spring and summer was probably what drew the mice to our home in the first place. Once again this smart humane mousetrap is easy to bait and gets results! It is a great feeling to release the mice out later after catching them alive and unharmed! A+ product! Thanks PETA!"
"had to buy more of these, they are a great but the mouse nibs on the piece that holds the door down and because of that door will not stay down anymore.. maybe that little piece should be made of metal..otherwise great this is my 5th one boughr!! louise "
"I can not believe, 5 little mouse and i think a mouse mom (once per night). After that no more at home and no bad feelings for it. I needed to wait until my order was received but i had no heart to do in a different way. Some problems with little mouse due the weight, they came and eat and the mechanism was not working but i just add a book under one side of the trap and it was just like a slider for them and mechanism worked great. (they were really tiny mouse). "
"If you make a "soft" home to release the mice in milder weather do they need water and how much approx. is a week's worth of food for one mouse? Also is it okay to place the mice further than 200 yards away from where they were caught if nothing else is possible? The only forested area where I can release the mice is 2.2 km or about 1.37 miles away? Thank you to all the wonderful souls who don't kill the creatures of this earth!!!!!!"
"these are THE best humane traps. They are clear and easy to see thru, unlike many others. If you are looking for a good humane trap, this is the one to have!! Buy several! "
-Dr Carol Tavani
"I am anxiously waiting to get my visa card to order a few of these humane live traps. I've read all the commments and I am very satisfied that this product will work to deliver a solution to the over population of mice inside homes and to humanely evict the mice without hurting or killing them. I have seen similar experiences of little mice being hurt and trapped-killed when they were only looking for food and to feed their little ones. It was so sad to hear and see it. But, now I am buying several of these humane live traps and I am giving some away."
"I hurt constantly for all living creatures. I am so grateful for groups such as PETA. You should come to Arkansas and break up all the dog and cock fighting rings. These horrible events run rampant here. These sticky pad traps are absolutely horrible. I did not know how bad they were until I used one for a mouse. This poor thing had expelled blood from its mouth and nose because of stress. The mouse had only been on there for about 5 minutes. DO NOT USE THESE INHUMANE TRAPS!!!!!! Anything can get trapped on them. Thank you for all you do PETA!"
-Lisa Lampros

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