Humane Bug Catcher
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Humane Bug Catcher

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If you're a compassionate person who wouldn't hurt a fly and your motto is "live and let live," even when it comes to tiny, six-legged, uninvited house guests, then this humane bug catcher is for you! Complete with a plastic sliding door and housing to safely contain the insect, the bug catcher makes the transport from your home to outdoors simple.

·         Measures 10 ½ inches

"Amazing idea!!! both humane and people with phobias don't need to worry!!! Love it!"
"PERFECT !!! I hate bugs but i dont want them dead either thank you once again peta for looking out for creatures that people dont care for you rock"
-Daisy may
"well I've been using cups with envelopes etc. for the longest time and this looks like it might be even easier to use. I like it!"
"I <3 this idea! It works for spiders, right? (just makin' sure)"
"I want one of these! I've been using cups and cardboard, etc for ages too, but I'd love to be a few inches further then I am holding the cup! The longer the handle, the better :)"
"This is the coolest thing ive ever bought! when i saw it i knew i would love it. works GREAT! "
"I have something similar to this and it is SO much easier than using the tupperware and a magazine! Love love love it!"
"my family is driving me NUTS all the time about letting bugs live because of all the hassle i go through to let the bugs live-i love this thing!!!!!!i need 2 get this!!!!!!"
"Such a great little tool. I love that the capture-compartment is clear so you can see exactly where the bug is and avoid clipping his/her legs which I'm always fearful of when using a random container/cardboard/whatever. I will be ordering another to take to work where I have spotted 2 black widow spiders in the past and was too afraid to use a homemade contraption."
-Lisa Barrett
"How funny! I thought I was the only one that had a specific 'bug' cup and envelope in the house. I won't kill any bugs, even if I don't like them. :)"
"What? there are more people like me? This would be so perfect for me. Since I was little I used to tell my parents to take the buggs out of my bedroom because I was afraid of them but didn't want them to hurt them. they had to place them outide nicely. Till now I thought my mum was right and I was a nutjob."
"Thank you so much for this!! Very recently, I decided that I wouldn't kill bugs. Though they may be very bothersome, I believe that every life is important. I can't wait to get this!"
"Excellent product. Very well made, safe and gentle. Been looking for years for something that actually works like this! Bought one for a friend as well. Les"
-Mr.Les Havard
"One of my favorite purchases, I use it almost every day!"
"perfect product. easier than a cup and paper."
"Great product I have to get one. - "live and let live,""
"I do not care to kill bugs either. I have wasps that get into the bathroom. More time trying to knock them out with hairspray so I bought a net which works well but hard to get them. this item is great. I am order one."
-mary lukowski
"Best Bug Friendly gift I have ever purchased. "
-Jody Butts
-Andy Ribeiro
"I was concerned that with a name like "Snapy," the bug catcher would snap hut and possibly injure the bug. But the floor slides slowly under the bug, just like a piece of paper. I am very pleased with this and am giving them to all my humane friends!"
-Jenny Arthur
"Ahhhh this is perfect! So much easier than paper and a cup."
"Great idea but I wish the handle was way longer... bugs freak me out and even with this I have a trouble because I feel my hand is to close!"
"This contraption looks made for me! I have been catching and letting insects go outside for ever. Usually it is the cup and paper plate method, but sometimes I even use just my hand. They seem to know I mean well and do not bite. But this catcher will not make me test my theory too often. I do like spiders, actually, and only catch and release those my family finds too large to coexist with inside. I look forward to getting the Humane Bug Catcher in the mail."
"love it want it but too pricey. too bad"
"Love this! I bought 3 of them so I never have to go searching room to room. I would never kill any insect. I captured a large bumble bee one day and it raised quite the fuss until released. It would have been very hard to do that with the plastic cup I normally used for bug catching. I'm sure I would have been stung. Everyone needs a Snappy ~ or 2, or 3."
"I love this, it works great! I won't accidentally hurt the bug like what can happen trying to catch with the glass and paper method. Whenever that happened I felt terrible. I don't care for bugs, but I don't want to kill them only put them back outside. "
"It's a wonderfull idea! Somethimes it takes 5 minutes for me to put a bug out of my home... This solution is perfect."
-Sara Monteiro
"Since I purchased this bug catcher, I have successfully caught a cricket, spider, and little lizard in the house. It is easy to use and I did not have to try to slide paper under a cup and try to balance the 2 while trying to open up the door to go outside. I love this!"
"I didn't know there were others!! My whole family looks at my dad and I funny when we see a bug and were like WAIT! Get a cup! "

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