Frog Saver Lily Pad
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Frog Saver Lily Pad

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"I spend almost as much time in the water as I do on land, so I really relate to frogs and other amphibians! Sadly, I've found dead frogs in my pool, and it's heartbreaking to know that they drowned because they weren't able to get onto dry land. PETA's Frog Saver Lily Pad-which snaps onto a pool ladder, wall, or garden pond-is a real lifesaver for frogs, lizards, baby ducks, and other small animals because it can help them get out of the water. It's a must-have device! And it's as cute as a frog's lips." - Amanda Beard for PETA

Save the rain forests! Save the whales! Save the frogs? You bet! This ingenious "lily pad" gives frogs just the leg up that they need to prevent them from drowning in swimming pools. Snapped onto the pool ladder or attached to the wall with the included suction cup, the Frog Saver helps frogs, lizards, and other small animals.

  • 10-inch diameter
  • Durable plastic construction

"I may use this"
""frog not included". LOL!!! That's too funny! "
"Your "Frog Saver Lily Pad" is a great addition to our home pool. It has saved 2 frogs so far as well as looking attractive in the water. When the flower became a bit faded, it was easy to just replace it with a fabric flower from a local craft store. Great product. :) "
-Eileen in KY
"I bought one and it saves insects aswell, and any little small creature. I lost it , so I´m buying another one."
"This could have been useful last year when a Squirrel fell into and drowned in a neighbors swimming pool. I will show this to her...."
"What a brilliant idea, I don't have a pool (yet) but I will definitely be getting one of these once I do and telling friends about it."
"Gave this as a gift to a family member who has a pool. She called to tell us how well it works! It has saved many frogs. So glad we found this!"
-billy williams
"Sense and inteligence - BRAVO!"
-Monica Lidizzia
"What a great idea. Wish I knew about this at my last home. If we ever put in a pool at this home I am definitely getting a couple. I'm going to have to let my old Florida friends know about this."
"A great idea! There should be some made to put into outdoor grazing animals' (like horses, cattle, etc.) drinking water tanks, unless these would also work there. I know someone who works in a horse barn, and she is always afraid when it is her turn to clean water tanks because of drowned small animals she may find in them. And sometimes people's small animal companions fall into pools, i wonder whether there could be similar installations to save them too. i just love this very humane idea!"
"i need one for my rain barrel somehow tree frogs always get in their"
"I wish I would of had this as for years i am saving all types of creatures in my pond,one time I found a dead hedgehog and since that time I have been putting rocks at side of pond on the ledge in case any animals or insects fall in there.I will certainly get one of these for frogs its a great idea."

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