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Free the Animals Book

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Free the Animals
by Ingrid E. Newkirk

Reading like a suspense novel, with riveting accounts of daring animal rescues from vivisectors, fur farms, and food factories, this is a book you won't be able to put down—or forget. Get this animal rights classic today. Now in a 20th anniversary edition!

“It's wrong to condemn dogs, mice, monkeys, and rabbits to a living death and constant fear by putting them in cold metal cages in a lab somewhere and treating them as if they don't matter. If you agree, and I hope you do, read Free the Animals—it's an easy and absolutely thrilling read—and then visit to learn what's changed in the last 20 years, what still needs to be done, and how you can help."
—Bill Maher

372 pages, paperback

"This book should be in the shelf of EVERY house owner, its a sad but wonderful insight into ALF and animal rescue! Edge of your seat, nail biting experience! This book is excellent! BUY IT!!!!!"
"This is literally my favorite book of all time. I used to be complelty against the ALF, but this book made me appreciate all the things they've done! It's very passionate, very inspiring, very powerful. My copy is very dog-eared and worn."
"thank you "
"I JUST LOVE THIS BOOK! From the moment I start reading it could not put it down un till the end. I am buying many more absolutely fantastic gift for any occasion!"
-Rosa B.

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