Feral Cats Brochure
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Feral Cats Brochure

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Have a feral cat problem? This leaflet takes an unvarnished look at all your options and offers tips for providing the most humane solutions.
"You do not know how much I love cats. And this brochure really gets peoples attention on the importance of helping these adorable creatures out. I love peta!"
"My family loves cats, and we have a sanctuary set up in our backyard for feral cats to eat, sleep, etc. This pamphlet makes us so happy. :)"
"I have 5 cats and 1 I am babysitting for a brother-in-law. I have opened my home in the past and in the past two years to 4 feral cats and they have adapted quite well to living indoors. I can tell they appreciate me too. God Bless anyone who helps feral anything. At first my husband wasn't keen on it until I said he was a stray himself lol. I even add all ferals in my prayers. Love you guys! ((((PETA))))"

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