Animal Rescue Car Kit
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Animal Rescue Car Kit

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You never know when you may come upon an animal who needs your assistance. This kit, designed to be kept in your car, includes a cardboard carrier, nylon lead, emergency hammer, and towel.
"Always keep this in my car. It's really great. Everyone should be prepared. "
"One day when my brother, mom and I were driving home there was a ran over dog in the middle of the road. My mom is crazy over dogs, so we stopped in the cross over lane, picked the dog up and drove in to this near by church's parking lot. We called all these different animal places, but no one would take care of him! He was hurt bad, so we couldn't do much. He ended up dying. My mom bought ten of these kits, because she never wants to be in the "we can't do anything" situation."
"What a great idea. We found our little dog Marley crisscrossing the highway 3 years ago with no collar or tags and he was a complete tangled mess. We actually had to chase him for about an hour before we finally cornered him in a parking lot.He was terrified however and the local no kill shelter told us that most likely he came from one of the puppy mills located nearby. Happy ending though, we still have him to this day and this April 2011 will mark 4 great years to date with him . This kit would have made it a lot easier to contain him while driving however."
"Does the kit come with a collar. If not, what do you attach the leash to and how does it work? The kit does not include a collar. The lead is designed to loop around the animal’s neck to temporarily restrain during transport to safety. "
-Just wondering
"I hope it comes with a muzzle just incase the animal is frightened and decides to get snippy,so you could protect yourself. "
-Amanda Kramer
"this is great"
"I think these kits should be kept in every car across America! Yay for PETA!"
"This a very good idea, if 50% of people driving by car each day can keep it in there car thi scan help lot of anumal in distress"
"This is an excellent idea. For many years now, I've had two carriers in my trunk, along with a first aid kit, protective clothing, a net, some food and water (when it will stay usable), and any other supplies I could think of that might come in handy if I encounter an animal in need. Every animal lover should be prepared to help a lost soul."

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