The Compassionate Cook Cookbook
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The Compassionate Cook Cookbook

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The Compassionate Cook or, “Please Don’t Eat the Animals!
by Ingrid Newkirk

Today over ten million Americans no longer eat meat and many more are joining this lifestyle to save animals.  Some are pure vegetariansor vegansand do not use animal ingredients of any kind, including eggs and dairy products.  Whether you're changing your diet for ethical reasons or because you want to maintain a fit body or preserve the planets resources, this is the cookbook for you.  Written by Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA, this definitive guide to low-fat, cholesterol-free, and animal-friendly eating will help you lookand feelgreat.  Discover:

·         Over 225 simple, mouthwatering recipes of dishes for every meal: salads and sandwiches, snacks and appetizers, breads and muffins, side dishes and main courses, and, of course, desserts
·         A glossary of healthy ingredients
·         Tips for substitutions when you may not have the exact ingredients
·         Practical advice for how to eat healthyand veganwhen eating out

244 pages, paperback

"like all her books-this one is sure to please! lots of tasty practical recipies. yum!"
-beverly murray
"This is the cookbook I wish I had when I first went vegan. Most of the vegan cookbooks I've used are good, don't get me wrong, but I've been wanting something that has easy recipes for the types of food I used to eat before going vegan, like sloppy joes and tiramisu. I also don't like cookbooks that use tofu and fake cheese for everything or require expensive, hard-to-find ingredients. We need more books like The Compassionate Cook. Every recipe I've tried is tasty, easy to make, easy to find ingredients for, and just simple food. You won't find crazy titles in here like "Jicama-Watercress-Avocado Salad with Spicy Citrus Vinaigrette" or "a side of wilted swiss chard and spinach with lemon-tahini dressing." Sometimes, this vegan just wants some plain 'ol corn chowder or pancakes. I plan on buying a couple more copies to give to friends! Buy this book, it's worth every penny."

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