Skins Variety Sticker Sheets
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Skins Variety Sticker Sheets

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32 stickers to stick to your binder or locker letting people know that animals are not ours to wear!
"awwwww!!! I want those!!"
"When I get thse I'm putting them in my locker so the next kid who gets it will see them. I'm going to do that all through high school! Try it, it gets the message across!"
"Thank you peta for caring for these animals when no else does these animals need love and testing and eating and beating and ect. is just plan mean what heartless B**** thinks they should wear animals to be cool thats just plan dumb!! I will never wear animals thats just gross plain out nasty! keep up the good work i wish more people cared xoxo, daisy may"
-daisy may
"i love how these stickers are i'm hoping by putting them on my locker folders and binders and other school supplies people will notice them and spread the word and take action"
"I love those stickers!"
"Thanks PETA, For caring for the animals!"
"BUNNY stickers"
-:3 LOL
"poor bunny"
"Great designs! I'm putting at least one on each of my notebooks, since stickers/tape/ect aren't allowed on our lockers. THANK YOU PETA!!!"
"Those are adorable! I'm going to get some."
"I absolutely love all animals an I absolutely adore these stickers and when I get them onto the locker and school supplies they will go"

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