One Can Make a Difference Hardcover Book
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One Can Make a Difference Hardcover Book

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One Can Make a Difference: How Simple Actions Can Change the World 

by Ingrid E. Newkirk 

Ingrid E. Newkirk has compiled more than 50 thought-provoking essays written by an intriguing, diverse group of people, including His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Sir Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Dennis Kucinich, Russell Simmons, Brigitte Bardot, Martina Navratilova, Stella McCartney, Ravi Shankar, and Oliver Stone. All have positively impacted the world while armed with nothing more than the power of their own beliefs. As readers peak into the psyches of these remarkable personalities, they will discover that all it takes to create an entire movement is the desire and determination of any one person. One Can Make a Difference: How Simple Actions Can Change the World is an enlightening book that provides a roadmap for anyone seeking a just society and for those striving to make a positive impact on our world. Ingrid underscores the fact that we all inevitably face challenges in our lives and that a person does not have to be famous or wealthy to actively contribute to the betterment of the world. 

256 pages, hardcover


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