PETA Dog Collar
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PETA Dog Collar

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Every dog deserves plenty of happy woofs, long walks, and excited wags, and PETA's "Woof. Walk. Wag." dog collar colorfully celebrates all three. This adjustable collar features an easy-open clip and a sturdy metal ring to hold tags securely in place. Choose from the small (7-inch), medium (10-inch), or large (14-inch) size.

Note: This collar is for ID purposes only. A harness should be used when walking your dog. Check collars often for proper fit.

Hot streets can hurt your dog's feet. When it's in the high 80s, the pavement can be 135°F or above! Touch the pavement for seven seconds. If it feels hot, it can hurt your dog's paws. Follow these tips if you're going to have your dog outdoors:

  • Walk on the grass
  • Avoid the hottest time of the day
  • Seek shade
  • Provide water
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